Unify Medical Billing is specialized in many software’s including AdvancedMD, Practice Fusion, Epic, Meditech, NueMD, Therabill, Medisoft, TotalMD, Athena, Brightree, Eclinical Works, Kareo and many many more!

Our staff has assisted many different organizations in implementation of the new organizational system listed above.

PROBLEM: Hidden Cost Lower Your net income

High Performance Billing – How Unify Improves your ‘Bottom Line’.

CAUSE: Office Space Occupied by Billing Department Hurts Profits

An in-house billing department needs at least 400 square feet. This increases the billing expenses by $6,000.00 per year. (Determined at $15.00 per Sq. Ft.)

REMEDY: With Unify, this ‘wasted’ space can be used for patient care

CAUSE: Paying Wages on an Hourly Basis Diminishes Output

Efficiency is adversely affected when one gets paid by the time spent and not by the quality of the work. Human nature and scientific studies support this. The dollars billed-to-collected ratio of in-house billing averages under 76%.

REMEDY: Unify’s clients collect over 90% of billed charges

Unify receives money only when the insurance claim is paid or when the patient’s account is settled. This performance-style fee increases the client’s income because Unify receives nothing until the client does . . . Unify has to do a better job!

CAUSE: Many In-House Billing Departments Do Not Bill Secondary or Tertiary Insurance Carriers and Most Departments Bill Insurance Only Once or Twice per Month.

Billing only primary insurance companies causes incomplete insurance payments and frustrates patients because they receive a statement incorrectly indicating that a balance is owed. Many patients express their anger at their care providers and sometimes tend to discontinue using this care provider.

Insurance companies start the payment process when they receive the claim so untimely billing greatly slows the cash flow to the client.

REMEDY: Unify bills the primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance companies at the same time as they enter the charges and payments.

Each and every claim is billed electronically to each and every insurance carrier everyday. Patients receive correct statements and care providers receive their money quickly.

Costs of Typical In-House Billing
$ Received
In %
Wages, Benefits$.0848.4%
Office Space$.0080.8%
Postage, Tel., Supplies, etc.$.0222.2%
Lost Interest Due to Slower Payment$.0070.7%
Reduced Collections$.1414.0%