Medical Audit Services:
Coding and Documentation Audits
Revenue Cycle /  Accounts Receivables Audits
Focused Audits
Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) Audits
Audit Validation
ICD-10 Audits
Audit Plan Development / Assessment
Physician / Coder Education

Our practice management experts offer an array of services to help address your most important financial and operational needs. We focus on providing practical solutions that improve your bottom line and help your practice run more efficiently.

Practice Management Audits include:

Revenue Cycle Performance Improvement- Whether you are doing great or know you need help, our revenue cycle performance program is designed to improve your bottom line. We provide a comprehensive examination of the key revenue cycle functions to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of your work flow and ensure best practice standards are incorporated to improve your financial performance.

Areas evaluated include:

Physician documentation and coding
Collections / Outsourcing agency review
Claims and Billing Process
Accounts receivable follow-up process
Denials Management
Revenue Management
Payment Processing
Payer mix analysis

Practice Assessments:

Our practice assessments entail a comprehensive review of your clinical practice and provides you with a detailed report outlining key findings, recommendations and an implementation strategy designed to improve efficiency and the overall health of your practice.

Our evaluation typically includes the following areas, but they can be tailored to meet your specific needs:

Pre-registration and registration processes
Patient Check-in and Check-out
Patient Scheduling, template  design and no-show management
Processes associated with the patient exam, medical records, and lab/test results
Customer service