I started this company in 2012, after 20 years in Revenue Cycle Management and auditing, knowing that billing was a real problem for so many practitioners. Changing laws, regulations, shrinking reimbursement rates, managed care – everything was stacking up against medical community. They needed help and they needed it fast!

When you sign up with UMB, you are getting an entire team of experienced billing professionals who will work hard to make your practice a success. We take each client by the proverbial hand and work with each one to implement a smooth seamless link between our offices. 


Amy D. Beverley, MHA, CPhT

Meet our Leadership Team

Steve Beverley

Briana Beverley

Why Us


Ben M, DPT- ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE MADE AS A SMALL PRACTICE OWNER was outsourcing my billing to Unify!!!! Personalized attention from people that work as hard to get me paid, as I work to get patients better. I truly cannot say enough good things, and I was very reluctant to outsource after poor performance from a larger billing outfit in the past. LOVE LOVE LOVE having peace of mind regarding my accounts receivables and knowing my billing company treats my patients with as much care as I do!

Marsha O- Prompt and efficient insurance verifications and resolutions to challenging issues dealing with the ever changing world of medical billing and insurance.

Laura B- Great company! UMB is a very well run billing company.

John K, MD- All I have to say is Thank you so much! You guys are an amazing blessing!