You have to be ready for ANYTHING. That’s what makes coding for urgent care so tricky. At any moment, you can be coding claims for any number of specialty services, which makes capturing every allowable dollar more difficult than ever.

The bottom line is that urgent care coding is complicated, and there’s a lot riding on you getting it right. One simple mistake can get your claims kicked back and your practice left unpaid. The good news is that you don’t have to face this alone.

Contact Unify Medical Billing to help you plug your urgent care revenue drains and boost compliance. We can help you

• Properly sequence infusion charges so you clinch EVERY dollar you deserve
• Look for key documentation to prevent E/M level under-coding and over-coding 
• Determine when you can and can’t charge for supplies, saving you time and money
• Correctly code for time-based E/M and critical care to improve your payup
• Stop providing services for free and identify when you can carve out (and get paid for) global fracture care

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