Meet Medicare Cycle 2 Revalidation Deadlines and Avoid Deactivation

CMS requires Medicare providers and suppliers to revalidate their enrollment every 3 or 5 years. Failure to revalidate on a timely basis can result in a deactivation of your Medicare enrollment records. This means, until the revalidation is submitted and approved, you may not be eligible to receive reimbursement from Medicare.

The good news is that Medicare has several tools that can help you avoid missing a revalidation deadline. The challenge is that effectively utilizing these tools can be confusing.

Knowing when you are required to resubmit your revalidation documents is essential, but not always easy. If you submit your information too early, it will be returned. If you miss the preset deadline you can be deactivated and will not be eligible to receive reimbursement for providing services to Medicare patients. If that happens, you must submit an entirely new Medicare application, and you will receive NO Medicare reimbursement from the date of deactivation until a new application is received by the MAC.

Even though Medicare revalidations are at the half-way mark in the second cycle, only a small percentage of providers have been asked to revalidate thus far. With the majority of Medicare providers still left to revalidate in the next two and half years, will you be able to comply with CMS deadlines to maintain your Medicare provider status? We can make sure that you are…Call Unify Medical Billing to handle your credentialing needs.

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